Larsen at age 1

This June, my son is completing his senior year at La Center High School and I wanted to take a moment to share my sincere thanks with all of the ESD staff that have helped to make this possible!  As a little background for people who don’t know my family, I began working at the ESD the month that my son turned one year old.  Shortly after, I began my quest to find services to help my son who was not meeting his developmental milestones. I was able to enroll him in early intervention services through the ESD that took place in our home and began learning about resources available to our family.  By the time my son was diagnosed with autism, we were already working with a strong team of professionals.  Over the last 17 years, my son has received services from Birth to 2 Early Intervention Services, Specialized Transportation, ESA Teachers and Paraeducators, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Social Skills Therapy, Psychologists, School Nurses – the list goes on and on… The support I have received as a parent has been just as important as I have been able to connect with my co-workers, skilled professionals who have provided me with answers and guidance, and my supervisors who have supported me as a parent allowing me to take leave for appointments and countless IEP and other team meetings over the years.

Next year, Larsen will attend Clark College as well as a life skills program.  He is completing his senior year on honor roll and has earned $5000 in scholarships to help fund his college education.  He also accomplished his personal goal of becoming board one for his high school’s chess team (which is the best-rated player in the school).  His current plan is to complete his AA and then continue his education in hopes of someday working in education or as a therapist for children with special needs.  We could not be more proud!  Thank you to all of the amazing professionals at ESD 112 who have supported my son and helped to make his successes possible.  My son’s journey is just beginning and I am so grateful for the strong foundation he has due in part to the services he received from ESD 112.

Sara Moore