There have been many matches made at the ESD over the years, and Kailynn Doane and Andrew Keirstead are the latest couple to tie the knot. They were married in a beautiful ceremony last Saturday, August 3, 2019 at the First Presbyterian Church in Vancouver.

The bride and the groom are both school age center directors for SWCCC–Andrew at Fisher’s Landing and Kailynn at Columbia Valley (and previously Ben Franklin). The two met two years ago through their work for ECE.

According to bridesmaid and ECE Services Coordinator, Shanell Clouse, “The three of us started hiking together in the beginning of the summer last year, and from there they got really close and started dating. Andrew had a friend visit from San Jose, where Andrew is from. We all hung out together in Portland and had a good time. His friend told him that if Andrew didn’t snatch this girl up, he would, so Andrew did just that!”

Andrew and Kailynn have touched a lot of lives in their work as center directors, which was evinced by the number of ESD staff and SWCCC families in attendance (and in!) their wedding. The wedding party consisted of: Katelyn Prendergast as Maid of Honor with Lael Mode, Olivia Alexander and Shanell Clouse as bridesmaids; the Best Man was Bryan Liudahl with Naomi McCaskey, Jim Wilson and Dustin Keirstead as groomsmen. The Best Man’s children Parker and Alexis were the ring bearer and flower girl.

The couple isn’t going on a honeymoon right away, but Shanell is sure that they will be planning something in the future. “They’ve both talked about wanting to visit base camp at Mt. Everest, so it would be interesting if they get there!” she says.

Olivia Alexander (Lisa Alexander’s daughter) is another ECE staffer who was in the wedding party.

Congratulations, Andrew and Kailynn! We are so glad you found each other and wish you all the best!