This year ESD Connects wanted to do something a bit different with the Spirit of the ESD Award by announcing all the nominees. Even though we can only choose one main campus and one field staff winner, each of these nominees deserves recognition for going above and beyond with their work. These nominees had coworkers take the time to recognize them by submitting examples of how they truly are “the spirit of the ESD”.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination. The ten nominees are…

Jody Brown, Payroll Specialist
Business & Financial Services
“Jody communicates exceptionally well with the Core team, ESA team, field staff, and payroll team. She has worn multiple hats and put out fires, answered questions, and shared information in a timely, friendly manner.”

Michael Cline, Special Ed Teacher
Specialized Student Services
“He knows how to teach the Behavior students in such a great way. They are always telling him ‘he’s the best teacher ever’.”

Kristina Glaze, Quest Paraeducator
Specialized Student Services
“Kristina is always willing to offer help, even when it isn’t asked or expected of her. She will personally sit down and help you complete a task, even if it means working late, to ensure you feel confident and knowledgeable.”

Kendrick Lester, Asst. Director for Special Ed
Specialized Student Services
“Kendrick does not take any task lightly. He often reaches out to parents, intervenes with problematic behaviors, constructs effective processes for staff, participates and leads in staff meetings, and even rides the school bus if needed to support our students.”

Becky Mohagen, Summer Works Coordinator
Student & School Success
“Becky genuinely cares about her coworkers and the youth that she works with and goes that extra step to make sure they are doing well and if not, she asks what she can do to help.”

Randy Smith, School Psychologist
Specialized Student Services
“Randy supports his teams with his incredibly positive attitude. He is thoughtful, compassionate and supports all of his teams by consistently being available.”

Ashley Stroh, Outreach Coordinator, Spero
Specialized Student Services
“Ashley is is always maintaining a positive attitude, even when times get tough. With struggling students, she is always able to find a way to work past the struggle and find the positive and learning opportunity in every situation.”

Janelle Tuttle, Special Education Director
Specialized Student Services
“Everyday presents itself with new challenges. Janelle is full of creative ideas and always has something to offer. She is my go-to for questions.”

Kristi Wheeler, Occupational Therapist
Specialized Student Services
“Kristi is always happy to see students, she brings the best out of them, making them smile and truly feel important.”

Heidi Wintermute, School Psychologist
Specialized Student Services
“Heidi has mentored a new assistant director this year and always assists with a positive attitude and approach. She works well with all of her colleagues and seeks opportunities to collaborate frequently.”

Congratulations to all of these nominees! We are lucky to have you on our team at ESD 112.

The two winners will be announced at the End of Year staff celebration this Friday, June 18!