It’s that time of year again…

Every year, ESD 112 honors an individual or group who exemplifies the best there is in all of us: going above and beyond duties and responsibilities with a “Yes! I can do it!” attitude; working with high personal standards and technical knowledge; and contributing to the positive morale at the ESD. Do you know someone or a group that resembles these qualities? If so, please send in your nominations for the Spirit of ESD Award by May 21, 2022. Winners will be announced at our End of the Year Staff Meeting.

Two recipients will be chosen–one main campus staff member and one field staff member.

Nominations will be submitted online again this year!

For the second year in a row, we will be accepting nominations through our easy-peasy online form! The form is located on our Intranet, and the page also displays all the past winners of the Spirit of the ESD. This new form allows the ESD Connects committee to better keep track of nominations, get manager approval, and select winners. It will also make it easier for staff to nominate any time during the year when they most feel inspired–not just for a few weeks in May. Click here to check it out and submit your nomination!


Can I still nominate a team or group, or does it have to be a single person?

YES! You can still nominate a group. Simply type the group or team name into the nomination box as you would like to word it.

Can a team still share nomination duties?

YES! If you will be sharing who fills out what, we recommend you designate one person to fill out the online form, and collect your answers offline first. Collecting answers offline is really best practice anyway, so you don’t lose your work if your internet hiccups.

What is the definition of “main campus staff” in this day and age?

For 2021-22, “main campus staff” are those who worked on (or would have worked on) the main campus prior to March 2020.

When I visit the Spirit of ESD Intranet page, there is a box asking me to login. What is that?

The Spirit of ESD form uses an app called Microsoft PowerApps. Sometimes it will ask your permission to load. Simply login with your normal ESD credentials.

More questions?