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February 1, 2018

CSG to relocate to new offsite offices

We’ve reported for months that CSG will be moving its offices to the 2200 building in former warehouse space. Due to the complexity of the build out for CSG […]

Program Pride

SASS Coordinators become elementary CS trainers

Kristina Wambold, Katherine Livick and Pranjali Upadhay are now official LaunchCS trainers! The coordinators [...]

Communications to launch new ESD branding and website

Heidi Barnes and Laura Martin in the Communications department have been hard at work [...]

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Around the Water Cooler

  • four people standing with smiley face balloons covering their faces

Guess who got KUDOS this month?

Can you guess who these four fabulous ladies are who received KUDOS from their [...]

2018 Fantasy Football title taken by Force

The country is a-buzz this morning with news of the biggest underdog story in [...]

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Staff Bulletin Board

Staff are checking the bulletin board, and items go quickly! Keep it going by posting!

Commit to Fit

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Safety Source

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Face to Face


Spotlight on Brenda McGowan

Brenda is a Special Education Teacher in the ESA for Whitson Elementary [...]

Spotlight on Jessenia Perez

Jessenia Perez is an Educational Assistant for ESD 112's School Programs department. [...]

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Main Campus

Spotlight on Madison Stassens-Ketcham

Madison is the Fingerprint Technician in the Human Resources Department. [...]

Spotlight on Eliza Cornelison

Eliza Cornelison is a Human Resources Employment Specialist in the HR Department. [...]

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Synchronized swimmers party with pizza

Our Fiscal and Student Coordinators enjoyed a pizza party in January to celebrate their costume contest win at the 2017 Hootenanny. They even had their goggles on hand for any synchronized swimming they might have to do! Just wait at least 30 minutes after eating that pizza, guys…or is that an urban myth?

fiscal team reinacting their sychronized swimming routine

Staff Shout-Out


Tracy Butler

What a gem you have in Tracy! She deserves a million bucks!

Seriously, she was prepared for each of her reflective supervisory appointments and conducted herself in a supportive and professional manner. She used data in a thoughtful and supportive way and never made looking at productivity numbers sound punitive. Tracy consistently supported her staff with engaging reflective questions and supportive statements. She consistently expressed gratitude for the hard work of the coaches. She also answered a plethora of questions; confidently navigating a variety of details, giving advice, and generally being a comprehensive support system for the coaches.

I’m sure you really didn’t need me to tell you how great Tracy is, but I couldn’t keep it to myself. If I ever have the opportunity to develop a video training on “how to be the best Lead” I will want to record her!

Karin Anderson, Program Manager, Quality Improvement, Child Care Aware® of Washington