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Pinwheels for Prevention

You've probably noticed the many silver/blue pinwheels throughout the agency main campus. They're to [...]

Give your input on Foode today!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who took the survey! We had 134 responses, which is [...]

  • Denise, Chelsea and Melissa at the WSPA conference

HR staff helps plan statewide conference

Denise McNeal, Chelsea Jacobson and Melissa Kreuder did a great job on the planning [...]

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Say “grilled cheese”!

Julie Feldman, Carie Bishop-Sanders, Shawna Clasey, and Fredia Thompson getting their grilled cheese [...]

Insurance Programs’ spread making us green with envy

Insurance Programs had a "wee bit o' fun" Saint Patrick's Day with green and [...]

Niki Johnston adds “butterfly babysitting” to her list of duties

Niki Johnston, Secretary for the STEM Materials Center, has a wide range [...]

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  • ladder on a blue background

Step up to ladder safety

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Britt Becker

I want to pay a compliment to Britt Becker. She helped me immensely getting my transcript correct, so I can put in my hours for my renewal. This is my last renewal until I retire, and Britt was AMAZING. She did some research and made my life so much simpler, and I just want to say thank you SO much.

Lesia Stice, Teacher, York Elementary, Evergreen Public Schools