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nPower Girls featured in NSF video showcase

Our nPower Girls video is featured in the National Science Foundation’s STEM For All [...]

Digital Learning organizes another successful Administrative Professionals Conference

Katherine, Diane, Kristina, and Bunny ready to welcome attendees. Congratulations to the [...]

PREVENT! becomes Prevent Coalition, launches new web site

Volunteers from Prevent Coalition, Unite! Washougal, Fort Vancouver High School, and Officers from [...]

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Meet Baby Cooper!

Proud parents Mandi Niehaus of the Early Care & Education Department and Chris Eves [...]

STEM Materials Center’s Niki Johnston welcomes baby Henry

Baby Henry decided he wanted an April birthday and was born on April 30 [...]

Say “grilled cheese”!

Julie Feldman, Carie Bishop-Sanders, Shawna Clasey, and Fredia Thompson getting their grilled cheese [...]

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Britt Becker

I want to pay a compliment to Britt Becker. She helped me immensely getting my transcript correct, so I can put in my hours for my renewal. This is my last renewal until I retire, and Britt was AMAZING. She did some research and made my life so much simpler, and I just want to say thank you SO much.

Lesia Stice, Teacher, York Elementary, Evergreen Public Schools