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August 14, 2017

There are more than a few facilities projects being juggled by our fabulous Facilities Team! Here’s the latest “short list” here at the Ogden Campus. They are also managing projects at several other buildings that […]

Program Pride

School for the Deaf superintendent thanks Laura Martin for new website

It's not every day an ESD employee gets a bouquet of flowers delivered personally [...]

Main campus gets signage improvements

 A rendering of the future new business park directory sign. Facilities and [...]

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Around the Water Cooler

Josh O’Neal leaves to teach 5th grade

Josh with a group of ECE coworkers and SWCCC Directors last Wednesday. [...]

Michele Larsen’s Chalk the Walk event goes big this year

Anyone who knows the Communications Department's Michele Larsen, knows that she spreads joy wherever [...]

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Commit to Fit

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Safety Source

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Face to Face


Spotlight on Susan Peng-Cowan

Susan Peng-Cowan is a Prevention/Intervention specialist at Hudson’s Bay High School in [...]

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Main Campus

Spotlight on Moriah Diederich

Moriah and her furbaby, Rookie. Moriah Diederich is a Copywriter/Graphic [...]

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Staff Shout-Out

Melissa Burt

Melissa Burt

Melissa, THANK YOU so much!! I know I say this a lot, but I feel very fortunate that you/your department is there to support us. It would take me seven times as long to create something half the quality of what you are able to create.

Molly Daley, Regional Mathematics Coordinator