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Spirit of the ESD Award Nominees for 2022

Congratulations to our 2022 nominees for the Spirit of ESD 112 Award! Even though we can only choose one main campus and one field staff winner, each of these nominees deserves recognition for going above [...]

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Our team represents non-management employees in an advisory capacity to enhance communications, plan and promote events and facilitate charitable giving.

2021-22 ESD Connects Members are:

Mike Nerland– Cabinet Liaison, Teaching and Learning

Cari Wood–Specialized Student Services
Sara Moore Teaching and Learning

Jessica Bohnstedt– Human Resources
Melissa Burt Communications and Public Engagement

Molly Daley– Student & School Success
Karen Douglass Student & School Success

Marissa Ellis Early Care and Education
Tyler Hoffman Business and Financial Management
Kaylee Krapfl Early Care and Education
Abram Krebs Business and Financial Management
Rachael Lafferty– Human Resources
Denise Medina-Castro
 Early Care and Education

Tyler Wright Business and Financial Management

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2019-20 Spirit of ESD Award Recipients

Cheryl Cochran, Field Staff Award

Nora Sedlock, Main Campus Award

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