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ESD Cares

ESD Connects is interested in all of the ways our agency engages with external partners and utilizes community resources, nonprofits and organizations! We plan to highlight these programs seasonally to educate and encourage support from ESD staff. This page serves as an archive of this effort and a resource for staff to learn more about organizations and connect with them. If you have an organization that you would like to see featured here, please fill out this short form. Thank you for sharing!

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ESD Connects

Because a fun workplace is serious business.

Our team represents non-management employees in an advisory capacity to enhance communications, plan and promote events and facilitate charitable giving.
2019-20 ESD Connects Members are: Mike Nerland– Cabinet Liaison, Teaching and Learning CHAIRS: Madison Stassens-Ketcham– Human Resources Sara Moore Teaching and Learning MEMBERS: Jenny Bullard– School & Agency Operations Melissa Burt Communications and Public Engagement Eliza Cornelison– Human Resources Molly Daley– Student & School Success Trista Greenwood School and Agency Operations Marney Hefflin Business and Financial Management Margaret Keire Specialized Student Services Abram Krebs Business and Financial Management Denise Medina-Castro Early Care and Education Connie Salzman Specialized Student Services Adam Scattergood School and Student Success Amber Scott– Administration Leah Scouller Business and Financial Management Kayli Troelsen– Early Care and Education
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