September 18, 2019

What we’re especially proud of this month…

The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) was in town this month for a program review of ESD-U.  […]

Program Pride

Around the Water Cooler

Superstar in the Community

Lieutenant Kathy McNicholas, Prevent Coalition volunteer

Over the last 15 years, Lieutenant Kathy McNicholas of the Vancouver Police Department has supported Prevent Coalition to connect communities, build resilience and prevent youth substance use. Kathy currently serves on Prevent Coalition’s Steering Committee and as Co-Chair for the Drug Take Back Committee that plans and coordinates the twice-a-year Drug Take Back events. On June 6, during the annual coalition appreciation picnic Prevent celebrated Kathy’s commitment to youth and dedicated service to the prevention community. When asked what motivates her to give back, Kathy responded, “I love helping the community be a better place to live.”

We thank you Kathy for all that you do to serve and protect our community and to help make Vancouver a great place to live and raise a family.

Lt. Kathy McNicholas collects and sorts prescription drugs during past Drug Take Back events.

Face to Face

Spotlight on Laura Martin

Laura Martin is a Graphic & Wordpress Designer in the Communications and Public Engagement department. Laura and her family [...]

Spotlight on Molly Daley

Molly Daley is the Regional Mathematics Coordinator for STEM Initiatives in the Student & School Success Department. How long have [...]

Wild ESDers at OMSI

[Not] Caught on Camera (because she hates having her picture taken) was Tracy Collins of ECE at OMSI last Sunday volunteering at the Science Playground. Tracy is a “Master Volunteer” because she’s been volunteering regularly for over 5 years!

Fun fact: Tracy’s mom sews the fur-tastic animal costumes for the kids to make-believe in. Shown here are the eagle and the latest addition, a wolf (modeled by Melissa Burt’s oldest kids).

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