April 3, 2019

Annual Board Planning Retreat
ESD 112 Cabinet and managers joined the board of directors for its annual planning retreat on Monday, March 25. Program managers had the opportunity to highlight some of their accomplishments from […]

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Face to Face

Spotlight on Julie Gaetze

Julie Gaetze (pronounced "Gates") manages the Print Center for the Communications & Public Engagement department. Julie and her husband [...]

Spotlight on Kayli Troelsen

Kayli Troelsen recently joined the Early Care and Education department, filling the new position, Bilingual Workforce Development & Volunteer Coordinator. [...]

Superstar in the Community

Kristine Neff, School Nurse Corps (Kalama)

Kristine Neff is a shining example of how a great school nurse is often so much more than just a nurse, but functions as a connector between students, school and community. When the Kelso/Longview Elks donated over $500 to the Kalama School District to purchase shoes for students at Payless before it went out of business, Kristine was tasked with the job. She was able to get 25 pairs of shoes for kids in need. “It was one of those moments where I get to do a little good to make a child happy and smile,” she says.

Thank you to the Kelso/Longview Elks for the shoes and to Kristine for coordinating their purchase and distribution!

Kristine is amazing and does great outreach for the students in her district!

Julia Kintz, Health Services Manager, Specialized Student Services

Getting ready to celebrate 50 years!

The AESD Conference planning committee is in the home stretch of preparations for the 50th Anniversary Conference in mid-April. Heidi Barnes and Melissa Burt in design have been furiously designing and ordering printed materials for the conference, including this beautiful banner. Great job, ladies!

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