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Shake it out at home or in the office!

The Great Washington ShakeOut Day is always the third Thursday of October (this year: October 21). While COVID-19 has brought many uncertainties and challenges, one thing’s for sure: ShakeOut is still happening this year. Major [...]

September is National Preparedness Month

Prepare to Protect.  Preparing for disasters is protecting everyone you love. Week 1 September 1-4: Make A Plan Make a plan today. Your family may not be together if a disaster strikes, so it is [...]

2018 Safety Committee Members

Safety Source is brought to you by
your ESD 112 Safety Committee

The ESD 112 Safety Committee is comprised of management representatives and employees from each department.  The group meets regularly and is committed to promoting a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.  The purpose of the committee is to help employees and administrators work together to identify safety problems, develop solutions, review incident reports and evaluate the effectiveness of the safety program.  As part of their efforts to promote safety and health, the group will be regularly posting information here.

Safety Committee Members are:
Rick Batterberry – Facilities
Jenny Bullard – Specialized Transportation (2200 Building)
Serena Decator – STEM Materials Center (2300 Building)
Deb Drandoff– Youth and  Prevention Programs
Scott LaBar
– Insurance Programs
Joseph Mathews – Human Resources
Tim Merlino – Administration, Cabinet Representative
Wendy Niehaus – Administration, Chairperson
Susan Rahl – Communications

Contact Us

If employees have a safety concern and/or suggestion, they can talk directly with a representative or send an email to

The safety committee also maintains a safety bulletin board located outside of the mail room and a page on the ESD 112 intranet here (requires login) that includes minutes from committee meetings.

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