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Support staff learn about ESD 112 STEM programs through Job Alike group

During December, support staff learned more about the wide variety of STEM programs and services offered in our region. The STEM Program overview and tour was the first offered by the ESD 112 Support Staff Job Alike group as an opportunity to build knowledge of ESD 112 programs and services. Twenty secretaries participated in two tours.

Support Staff Showcase

Amber Scott, Administration

What is the name of your department? I work in Administration. What is the name of your program? Superintendent’s Office & Board of Directors What is your job title? Administrative Assistant II to the Board of Directors and Superintendent’s Office How long have you been in your position? I began temporarily in November 2017 and [...]

Did you know?

Facts about the ESD 112 Payroll team:

  • The ESD 112 Payroll team provides services to five districts: Mill A, Lyle, Skamania, Mt Pleasant and Trout Lake
  • Payroll has six team members who process paychecks for an average of 760 employees each month (not including school districts)
  • Payroll anticipates processing 1267 W-2’s for the 2019 year totaling over $33 million!
  • Payroll staff survive on coffee, hot tea, Foode cookies and shenanigans!

Past Articles

The Administrative Assistant Leadership Team (formerly the Department Representatives group) serves as a liaison between administrators and agency management and various support staff groups throughout ESD 112. The team meets monthly to discuss current projects, agency updates and procedural matters.  Each member of the group also participates in subcommittee project work.  Some projects may include planning agency professional development offerings, maintaining the ESD 112 Office Procedures Manual, outreach to school district administrative assistants in the region, and/or promoting agency program awareness internally.

AALT Members are:
Loy Dale – Cabinet Liason, School & Agency Operations
Cari Corbett – Early Care & Education
Sara Moore – Teaching & Learning
Wendy Niehaus – Administration
Adam Noar
– Student & School Success
Christy Price
– Business & Financial Management
Susan Rahl – Communications & Public Engagement/School & Agency Operations
Connie Salzman – Specialized Student Services
Eliza Cornelison – Human Resources & Legal Services
Amber Scott – Administration

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