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Shift Yes: Staying positive in difficult times and beyond

Galen Emanuele, creator of the Shift Yes movement, was the keynote speaker at the 2018 Association of Educational Service Districts (AESD) Conference.  His dynamic and interactive presentation focused on building a culture of positivity in the work place.  His message provided actionable tools to develop skillful communication, leadership presence and emotional intelligence to support team performance and engagement.  More importantly, the information provided was transferable to all interactions including those with our kids, friends, spouses, etc. There is no question, this is a very difficult and challenging time. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought worry and uncertainty in all aspects of [...]

Support Staff Showcase

Niki Johnston, Student & School Success

What is the name of your department? Student and School Success What is the name of your program? Career Connected Learning and STEM Initiatives What is your job title? Secretary II How long have you been in your position? 7 years Who is your supervisor? Vickei Hrdina How many employees work in your program? We [...]

Did you know?

Facts about the ESD 112 Accounting team:

  • Accounting has eight team members: Patty Pepin, Christy Price, Tyler Wright, Christy Stalcup, Kim Glassett, Pam McDonald, Jenny Taisacan-Vilante, and the newest member is David Nelson.
  • They serve all ESD 112 departments and staff, school districts, vendors and public stakeholders.
  • Accounting’s services to ESD 112 staff:
    • Provide timely and accurate accounting/financial information to departments and to external agencies, including our annual report.
    • Issue billing invoices and receipt all collections, and coordinate follow-up on any outstanding billings, keeping the cash flow current; issue claims for state and direct Federal grants for departments.
    • Manage the accounts payable cycle for the agency, processing payments and help to troubleshoot issues with PO’s, AP invoices, travel, credit cards, and inventory/fixed assets.
    • Manage contract processes for the agency: both revenue and accounts payable.
    • Manage and implement systems related to fiscal management and pro-actively work with departments to improve process workflows and provide training in policies & procedures.
    • Manage accounting & reporting for the ever-growing list of properties owned and/or leased by ESD112, including tenant contracts, and coordinate public works compliance.
  • Accomplishments & goals for this year:
    Annually our goal is to have a clean audit and we were able to execute that again for FY19 results; a thank you to all department personnel who helped contribute to that accomplishment with attention to policies and procedures.  Together with the IT team we implemented a new Motor Pool check out platform in January. Since March, our attention and accomplishments have been focused on quickly adapting to the COVID-19 work order constraints, developing remote workflows for ESD department staff to meet deadlines and comply with audit & authorization requirements.  We are most excited about the Credit Card requisition workflow and are looking forward to Phase II implementation at the start of FY21 for attaching the expenditure records to the requisitions through a workflow—no more stacks of credit card documentation!
  • Fun facts & tidbits:
    This group brings over 90 years of combined service and knowledge to ESD. There are 10 grandchildren and a couple upcoming weddings (Tyler, David). We like to have fun and laugh and not just count numbers! 🙂

Past Articles

The Administrative Assistant Leadership Team (formerly the Department Representatives group) serves as a liaison between administrators and agency management and various support staff groups throughout ESD 112. The team meets monthly to discuss current projects, agency updates and procedural matters.  Each member of the group also participates in subcommittee project work.  Some projects may include planning agency professional development offerings, maintaining the ESD 112 Office Procedures Manual, outreach to school district administrative assistants in the region, and/or promoting agency program awareness internally.

AALT Members are:
Loy Dale – Cabinet Liason, School & Agency Operations
Cari Corbett – Early Care & Education
Allison Klump – Communications & Public Engagement
Sara Moore
– Teaching & Learning
Wendy Niehaus – Administration
Adam Noar
– Student & School Success
Christy Price
– Business & Financial Management
Connie Salzman – Specialized Student Services
Eliza Cornelison – Human Resources & Legal Services
Amber Scott – Administration

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