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Empathy in the workplace

When empathy is part of a workplace culture, employees are happier and more productive, leading to greater success all around. And while difficult circumstances require more empathy than usual, they also make it easy for this crucial skill to get lost in the shuffle.  Daily Communication  Empathy starts with simple interactions that show genuine interest. Check in with colleagues about how their days are going, how their workload feels, and what they might need. Then—and this is the tricky part—really listen to their answers. Active listening is a crucial skill for professionals in any industry.   Also, make a habit of thanking [...]

Support Staff Showcase

Amber Kennedy, ESIT

Amber Kennedy is a Secretary 1 for the Early Support for Infants and Toddlers (ESIT) program in the Specialized Student Services department. How long have you been in your position? 1 month Who is your supervisor? Carol Hall Who are your program’s customers? Parents of children who need early intervention services Do you work with other agencies? Innovative Services NW and many, many doctor’s offices Where do employees in your program work? [...]

Did you know?

Facts About ESD 112 Communications & Public Engagement

How many team members do you have?

Communications & Public Engagement has 10 team members (11 if you count our part-time communications manager, Casey):

  • Monique Dugaw, Executive Director
  • Heidi Barnes, Creative & Web Development Director
  • Melissa Burt, Senior Graphic Designer & Content Strategist
  • Laura Martin, WordPress Developer/Content Marketing Manager
  • Nick Shanmac, Communications Manager
  • Amelia Holmes, Communications Manager
  • Julie Gaetze, Print Center Manager
  • Mary Rentzel, TV ETC Coordinator
  • Karl Parker, Playback Operator
  • Allison Klump, Administrative Assistant

Who does your team serve? 

Our team serves our internal programs across divisions and departments, grants requiring communications support, school districts and other education entities.

What type of services do you provide to ESD 112 staff or others?

  • School funding campaign planning and execution
  • Crisis communications and message development
  • Creative services including graphic design, strategic brand development, web development and marketing
  • Internal staff relations
  • Writing and editing including press releases, news, blogs, reports and more!
  • Social media training and management
  • Communication and customer service training
  • Community engagement
  • Event planning
  • News releases/media relations
  • Presentation development and speech writing
  • Communications audits & strategic planning
  • Focus group facilitation/surveying
  • Video production
  • Printing

Accomplishments or goals for this year? 

In addition to significantly increasing external client revenue for our department over the past year, our team led COVID communications and response for the region.

Over the course of one year, our team developed hundreds of tools for our local districts, including:

  • 50+ letter templates and messaging samples, with translated versions in Russian and Spanish
  • Dozens of graphic flow charts used by schools to determine exclusion from school/work.
  • 25 different talking points documents about complex and changing COVID issues.
  • Developed and implemented 15+ marketing campaigns, websites, social media and large-format projects including environmental graphics.
  • A regional website portal for news and information on COVID-19 and schools
  • Dozens of news articles about COVID-19 response in schools, adaptations and guidance changes
  • Coordination and facilitation of hundreds of meetings with communications leads from across the region.

Fun Facts or Interesting Tidbits? 

  • We have over 150 years of combined experience on our team.
  • Combined, our team members have more than 20 siblings.
  • Laura is a twin! 😊
  • Allison and Laura both see out of only one eye at a time, and therefore can’t watch 3D movies even with 3D glasses – we still see two separate images that are off-set.
  • Almost half of our team are lefties.  Melissa, Karl, Nick are lefties and Monique is ambidextrous.
  • Most of the team has lived in 3 or more states in their lifetime. Our sole Washingtonian, Allison, has lived on the west (best!) side of WA her whole life except while attending college in Spokane.
  • Heidi’s first and middle names mean the same thing.
  • Monique has found over 50 four-leaf clovers in her life.

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Tips & Tricks:
Self-Care for the Mind, Body & Soul

Punctuate your day with a mini-meditation with one minute of awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations; one minute of focused attention on breathing; and one minute of awareness of the body as a whole. 

The Administrative Assistant Leadership Team upholds agency values by consistently modeling professionalism with a growth mindset; supporting inclusion, equity and collaboration; and building positive relationships through effective communication to create a productive work environment where employees are empowered to provide exceptional service to our agency and community.

AALT Members are:
Monique Dugaw – Cabinet Liason, Communications & Public Engagement
Cari Corbett – Early Care & Education
Chelsea Howard – Specialized Student Services
Allison Klump – Communications & Public Engagement
Sara Moore
– Teaching & Learning
Mayra Najera – Human Resources & Legal Services
Wendy Niehaus – Administration
Adam Noar
– Student & School Success
Christy Price
– Business & Financial Management

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