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Sun Safety

As the days get warmer and summer gets closer many of us plan on spending more time outside soaking up the sun. Sunlight allows the body to naturally release Serotonin, a hormone that boosts your [...]

The Art of Staycations

Memorial Day weekend signifies to many, the beginning of summer.  But during travel bans and stay at home orders, the idea of vacations and summer breaks seems disappointing. It may seem strange to plan a [...]

Home Cooking During COVID-19

Did you know that cooking at home can actually improve your mental health?  It allows an expression of creativity, connects us with food and the people we cook with/for, and evokes a feeling of accomplishment. [...]

The Power of Gratitude

Did you know feeling grateful can boost your happiness and foster both physical and psychological health? An article in Psychology Today says studies show that practicing gratitude shifts inner attention away from negative emotions. (Read [...]

Healthcare options for non-COVID symptoms

With COVID-19 health concerns over the last few months and looking ahead, the way we access health care is rapidly changing.  Technology has allowed doctors to have safe connections with patients through virtual visits and [...]

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