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What is SmartHealth?

SmartHealth is your voluntary wellness program that supports whole person well-being. Participate in activities that support all of you, including managing stress, building resiliency, and adapting to change.  As you progress on your wellness journey, you may also qualify for SmartHealth wellness incentives.

Who can Participate?

All ESD employees and their spouse/state-registered partners may participate in the SmartHealth program, however only employees who are enrolled in a PEBB medical plan will be eligible for the incentives.

How does it work?

  1. Sign in to or create an account with SmartHealth.
  2. Complete the SmartHealth well-being assessment.
    This step qualifies for the $25 gift card and earns 800 points. You can claim the gift card code the same day. *NOTE* This is a taxable benefit and if claimed will need to be recorded on your 2021 taxes.  Opening the emailed gift card will be considered claiming the benefit, even if you do not use the gift card.
  3. Join and track activities to earn at least 2,000 total points.
    This step qualifies for the $125 wellness incentive in 2022. This incentive can be used as a one-time deposit into your January 2022 HSA (for employees enrolled in a CDHP plan only) or as a reduction to your 2022 PEBB medical plan deductible in January 2022 (for employees enrolled in all other plans).

For full details on the incentives, eligibility, and tax requirements, visit the SmartHealth section of the PEBB website.