For those who may have missed our end of the year celebration, the winners of the Spirit of the ESD Awards are below. As a reminder, staff can view current and past winners and nominate coworkers at any time through our new form on the Intranet here (requires login).

Main Campus Award

Michelle BlackSecretary II/Intake Coordinator
Michelle talks frequently about how she loves the work she does and how she is so grateful to be able to be the first point of contact for families needing support. She comes in everyday ready to pour herself into her work and be the best starting point for children and families entering the ESIT program. Her warm demeanor and friendly tone help create a comfortable atmosphere for parents to ask questions and get their child screened even if they are feeling hesistant.

Field Staff Award

Kendrick LesterAsst. Director for Special Ed
While this has seemed like an ever challenging year, Kendrick has remained up beat, realistic, and positive that we will get through everything. His leadership has enabled us to continue to teach with positivity and hope when both felt in short supply. His actions have trickled down through us as a staff and into the students. Without a doubt, this year has felt more possible due to Kendrick’s optimistic outlook.

Heart of ESD 112 Award

Presented periodically by ESD Connects for exceptional service and going above and beyond in their ESD Connects work.

Heart of ESD 112 Award

Sara MooreExecutive Assistant
In her 21 years at the ESD, Sara has served on ESD Connects several times. Most recently, she served as co-chair for two years and then extended her co-chair duties when Connects was in need.