Sharon Green is a Program Assistant for Audiology and the School Nurse Corps in the Specialized Student Services department.

How long have you been in your position?

6 years with the school nurse corps, and 17 years with audiology

Who is your supervisor?

Julia Kintz

How many employees work in your program?


Who are your program’s customers?

Audiology:  Children birth-21
School Nurse Corps:  School-age children

Do you work with other agencies?

Doctor’s offices/clinics, health departments, and other ESDs in the state.

Where do employees in your program work?

Audiologists have offices at the ESD and School Nurses have offices in their district schools

What are your biggest strengths – what expertise can you share with the group?

  • Being able to multitask is a strength we all have.
  • Don’t do a shorthand shortcut when taking notes from a phone call or meeting.  Write them so you will understand what you wrote a week or a month/year later.
  • Create a folder for each meeting, class or event you are coordinating. Put all notes, payment information, contact list, attendees and a timeline checklist in the folder.

What do you like most about working here?

Some reasons I have worked here a billion years!

  • Helping families is a big plus!
  • The staff I have had the pleasure of working with.
  • Staff from other depts that have helped me with a work issue & answered the many questions I have posed.
  • Proximity of the ESD to my home. Proximity to schools my sons had attended. Past tense because, man, they are old now!