Positivity boosts employee wellness.  Practicing positivity and optimism has been linked to numerous health benefits, increased productivity, and less stress. Optimistic employees are also happier and more involved in their work, so it’s really a win-win all around.

You can make a difference by being a positive presence in your workplace. After all, positivity is contagious!

Here are seven tips to help you promote positivity in your workplace:

  1. Show gratitude. Seeing the positive qualities in others helps bring out the positive qualities in yourself.  Gratitude expands your happiness and can transform your way of thinking. Gratitude is especially helpful in the workplace because it helps develop respect, trust, and mutual appreciation among peers. Help spread gratitude by complimenting colleagues and spreading random acts of kindness.
  2. Use positive messaging. Remember that words are powerful. Positive messaging means using words that are laced with optimism. Communicating in a positive and constructive way will change the way your listeners receive your feedback. Your communication should be personal, encouraging, passionate, and empowering. Plus, a positive message will always have more impact.
  3. Practice thankfulness.  A simple “thank you” really does go a long way.  Did a colleague’s idea from a meeting truly inspire you? Did someone go out of their way to make your day even just a little bit easier? Let them know by thanking them in person or send them a KUDOS!
  4. Appreciate the little wins. It’s easy to celebrate a major milestone, but remembering to celebrate the steps along the way can be difficult. Every goal requires smaller steps of action, and most of the time those actions get overlooked. Remember to always appreciate the little wins and give recognition to the employees who might be “behind the scenes” of a big accomplishment.
  5. Smile. Even when you don’t feel like it. Smiling tricks your mind into feeling happier. A genuine smile is also crazy contagious!
  6. Develop relationships. Fostering healthy working relationships is essential for a positive work environment. Find ways to create relatedness among your colleagues. Social gatherings and regular check-ins at work are great ways to develop healthy relationships with employees, co-workers, and supervisors.
  7. Know your mission. Your company or team mission is extremely important. Understanding the “why” behind what you do helps spread positivity even in the most challenging of times.

Positivity is powerful because it increases your coping abilities and builds resilience. You will have days when promoting positivity and a positive attitude seem next to impossible, but it’s important to remember that you have the power to see the good in any situation. Spreading positivity will not only strengthen your mindset, but it will help build the mindset of those around you.