Spotlight on Gahlya Auel


Gahlya Auel is the Inclusionary Practices Coordinator in the Student & School Success department. Gahlya and her niece work from home How long have [...]

Spotlight on Gahlya Auel2020-11-02T13:36:01-08:00

Spotlight on Ken Davis


Ken Davis is a Substance Use Disorder Professional Supervisor for Prevention Services. He works in the field at Kelso High School. How long have you worked [...]

Spotlight on Ken Davis2019-12-12T11:02:36-08:00

Spotlight on Molly Daley


Molly Daley is the Regional Mathematics Coordinator for STEM Initiatives in the Student & School Success Department. How long have you worked for ESD 112 and [...]

Spotlight on Molly Daley2019-05-22T13:33:57-07:00
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