Welcome! We are the Equity Committee, and we will be posting equity news and events in this space regularly.

About Us

In June 2018, ESD 112 formed this committee with a mission of equity, inclusion and diversity excellence at the ESD and in our community. We are composed of 13 staff members from a variety of departments across the ESD.

Our Work

We’ve met monthly over the past year, and in December 2018 we had a full day retreat led by our Camas School District consulting team. At the retreat we worked on team building, gaining broader information on equity, inclusion and diversity work and developed a plan for moving this work forward at the ESD.

Here’s some of what we’ve been working on so far:

  • Developed a working mission statement
  • Considered a policy review of ESD gender language
  • Began work on Stages of Multicultural Organization Development to help determine where we are as an organization and how to move our work forward
  • Are in the process of developing informal groups, such as book/movie studies

We would love to hear from you about what you find here or anything else equity-related. Email us at equity@esd112.org.