What is the name of your department?

School and Agency Operations

What is the name of your program?

Insurance Department 

What is your job title?

Insurance Specialist  

How long have you been in your position?

I have been in the program for 5 years.

Who is your supervisor?

Peggy Sandberg and Loy Dale 

How many employees work in your program?

We have three claims adjusters, two insurance specialists, a person who enters payments for our claimant bills, and our supervisors

Who are your program’s customers?

School district employees

Do you work with other agencies (state, private, etc.)?

We process the workers compensation claims, but we report information about our claims to the Department of Labor & Industries.

Where do employees in your program work? (Vancouver office, field sites, schools, which counties, etc.)

We all work at the Vancouver office; however, due to COVID-19 a majority of our group is working from home.

What are your biggest strengths – what expertise can you share with the group?

My job does not require that I be bilingual; however, we also process claims for the east side of the state and on a number of occasions, there has been a need for a Spanish speaker. Filing a claim can be a new and confusing process for some, so to be able to receive information in their native language is helpful.

What do you like most about working here?

In the last five years, I have noticed a big shift towards providing employees with a work-life balance that I really appreciate. Not only do we have job skills training opportunities, but we also take dance breaks, mindfulness breaks, yoga breaks, and we have lunch conversations about relevant social issues hosted by the Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Committee and their guests.