Loy (right) with current and former cabinet and board members at the AESD 50th Anniversary conference.

Assistant Superintendent of School and Agency Operations, Loy Dale, retired this month after a 25-year tenure of significant advancement in Insurance Programs for ESD 112.

Loy and his wife, CT, in 1969, when Washington’s ESDs were established.

For more than two decades, Loy oversaw Insurance Programs, which included the Risk CooperativeWorkers’ Compensation TrustUnemployment Compensation Pool, and the Health Care Purchasing Cooperative. He also managed the Specialized Transportation Cooperative and the Regional Transportation Coordinator.

“Since Loy arrived at ESD 112 more than 25 years ago, he has done his best to make sure that school districts received coverage for losses,” said ESD 112 Superintendent Tim Merlino. “His knowledge and advocacy for the agency will be hard to replace. He has been a great thought partner for me and his colleagues, and a great friend who I will miss. I most of all want to thank him for his dedication and support to the school districts of Southwest Washington.”

Since Loy began in 1995, his team has steadily met and maintained best practice standards put forth by the Association of Government Risk Pools (AGRip).

“I am truly proud to have led a team that is nationally recognized for best practices in our industry,” said Loy. “In addition, we consistently receive 94-99% scores in both risk and workers’ compensation from outside independent auditors every year. The only way we were able to do that is through the outstanding staff, leadership and support at ESD 112. I cannot say enough about how highly technical and qualified our staff is.”

In addition to receiving national recognition, Loy developed strong relationships with superintendents in the region as a leader and thought partner through the Risk Pool and Workers’ Compensation Committees.

“It has been such a pleasure to work with Loy over the years,” expressed Woodland Superintendent Michael Green. “His focus on quality and member services has left a mark on the pools and services he has led.”

In addition, Loy served on Cabinet for most of his tenure at ESD 112, and worked closely with staff, leadership and the Board.

“Loy’s contributions extend far beyond the advice and excellent service he has provided school districts and the ESD,” explained Assistant Superintendent Marnie Allen. “We are thankful for all he has done and for leading with his heart.”

Loy is looking forward to spending more time with his family. Especially his grandson, Grant, who turns two this month.

CT and Grant