ESD Connects Food Drive

March 29–April 14

Supports Open Doors students

To help support students in need, Open Doors staff would like to stock a pantry of non-perishable food, and we need your help!

Our Amazon raincoats and rainboots wishlist for the ECE centers worked so well last fall, we’re doing it the same way this time! Simply follow these two steps:

  1. Shop our Amazon wishlist of food items here.
  2. Be sure to select “Sara Moore / ESD Connects’ Gift Registry Address” under “Other addresses” at checkout so that the item is shipped directly to our Open Doors program.

Thank you for contributing whatever you can!

Here are some examples of the students who will benefit from the Open Doors food pantry:

  • A student who is home alone a lot and takes care of herself because her mom works two jobs.
  • A student who is a single mom who supports herself and her two-year-old.
  • A homeless student who couch-surfs at friends’ houses. She doesn’t like to ask for her friends’ food, so unless it’s offered, she often doesn’t eat.

About Open Doors

Our Open Doors program provides individualized instruction and case management to students who are behind in high school credits to earn their diploma or prepare to take the GED Test. Open Doors also provides resources and referrals for career and college readiness and enrolls students from age 16 up until the school year they turn 21.

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