ESD 112 to Create Mental Health Day Treatment Program

Depression, anxiety and compulsions are just a few of the concerns that prevent many students from attending public school.  ESD 112 is tacking this issue head on and supporting students in our region and beyond with a new mental health and instructional services day treatment program.  OSPI is funding the pilot program with a $2.47 million grant (through September 2020) to launch an outpatient therapy center for students in both Clark and Cowlitz counties. The goals of the program include to provide services for students who have mental health barriers (without significant behavioral issues) or chemical dependency issues preventing them from regularly attending school. The outpatient program aims to bridge the gap between students and the mental health services they need in order to get them back in the classroom. ESD 112’s Cabinet members are exploring potential locations for the program in both Clark and Cowlitz Counties, and interviews are being conducted for a program director with the goal of opening the facility before spring 2020.

CSG Releases Safety and Security White Paper

Construction Services Group (CSG) has prepared and released a White Paper, Safety and Security for our Future:  A Framework for Developing a More Secure K-12 Built Environment in Washington. This document provides a best practices road map for educators, parents, students and community advocates who are committed to the safety and resilience of our schools. The idea is simple: faster recovery from manmade and natural disasters means more promptly returning to a collective focus: educating children. The White Paper was written by CSG Executive Director, Kirk Pawlowski, with support from ESD 112 Executive Director of Communications and Public Engagement, Monique Dugaw, Dr. Gary Quarfoth and design by ESD 112 Creative Director, Heidi Barnes. CSG receives questions from superintendents from across the state asking about practices and tactics to enhance the safety and resilience of educational institutions. With the release of this White Paper, CSG is prepared to assist communities throughout Washington to better understand the specific risks to school facilities as well as local solutions to address these vulnerabilities.