Nora was nominated by a coworker who writes, “Nora is an amazing speech and language therapist for our Early Intervention Birth-3 program. She is such hard worker and the families she works with adore her!”

We’re not sure what’s going on in this picture, but we assume it means Nora jumps into any task feet-first and with enthusiasm!

How long have you worked for ESD 112 and what does your job entail?

I have been lucky enough to be an ESD 112 employee for almost 4 years! I work as a speech language pathologist for the B-3 Early Intervention Program!

What do you like best about your job?

My co-workers! Hands down the greatest group of people you could find. They have helped me so much, and I am lucky to call them friends. I also love the families I get to meet and work with.

What do you find most challenging about your job?

Paperwork… 😊 I am much better at bubbles and peek-a-boo!

What do you consider to be your greatest on-the-job skill or asset?

I’d like to think that I am adaptable and can handle the variety of needs I see as a home visitor.

Nora (center), her fiance and her pug, Pearl, enjoying the wind at the Oregon coast.

Single? Married? Kids? Pets?

Engaged and am mom to the world’s cutest pug, Pearl!

What do you enjoy doing with your free time?

I love spending time with family and friends, camping, road trips, Chicago sports and playing games!

If your coworkers wanted to surprise you with a little treat sometime what should it be?

Anything sports, pug or Elvis-related! They know me really well and always surprise me with fun things.

Nora as “The King” as a child

What is something that no one would guess about you if they just met you?

That my fiancé and I just became debt free! We started the Dave Ramsey program 27 months ago and wiped out our debt of 151,000! It was a lot of hard work and extra jobs, but we did it!

If you could live in a book, TV show or movie, what would it be?

Golden Girls for LIFE. I am ready for my seat at the table with late night cheesecake!

What is the meaning/story behind your name?

I am named after my grandma – her name was Honora

What is the most interesting place you’ve ever lived?

I lived in Alaska for five years after I finished graduate school and worked as an SLP for a non-profit. My work was located in the USA’s most diverse town – Mountain View. It was the best experience of my life and I miss it every day.

What future events are you looking forward to?

I am getting married next summer – I cannot wait!

What famous person do people always say you look like?

I once uploaded my picture to a website that would tell you which celebrity you look like – my top result was Patrick Swayze. I figured they were taking into account my dancing skills, so I still view it as a high compliment!